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Heart2Heart: Because Talk is the "New Sexy" Featured

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I want to get some!
(Cards, that is.)

For couples who ask each other, “How was your day?” and hear the answer, “Fine.” Far too many times . . .

For couples whose together-time has become routine and monotonous . . .

For couples who spend more time alone together mesmerized by their devices . . .

It’s simple math:

Lovers: 2.
Provocative, romantic, and intimate cards: 69. 

From any position, it’s a win-win. 

Heart2Heart dares all those end-of-day casual, oftentimes unintentional interrogations to be actual fun, loving, affectionate conversations. Face-to-face.

Eyes. Without distracting devices.
Touch. Without the screen.
Heart2Heart. Without missing a beat.

69 cards in no particular order. Because we wanted to keep you wondering, guessing, and maybe even not-so-secretly wishing. There’s no “yours” and “theirs”. It’s a mixed-up box of spicy, provocative, romantic, and loving questions. Giggles are optional.

Like a box of chocolates with those unknown, gooey middles, you could, of course, look at the beautiful artwork on each and every card, read the thoughtful questions, and peruse the fun tidbits on the backs and then try to pick your favorites ahead of time.

But like that same yummy box of chocolates, by sampling them all, you may ruin the fun of the anticipation! Surprise or not a surprise? Give every card or share the box? Take turns or be random?

Most importantly and perhaps the only “rule”: personalize the card. Be different. Be silly. Be daring. Be risqué. Be outrageous. Be just who you are – with a slight twist of fantasy and a barely measurable amount of reality.

As to when and where and how to give the cards . . . open box, close eyes, pick card, and write your message to your lover. Spritz it with aftershave or perfume. Add a lipsticked kiss. (Do I really need to be your imagination?)

Then leave the card where you know it will be found: under a pillow; in the refrigerator; next to the coffee mug; on the nightstand or the dashboard; in a bookbag, briefcase, diaper bag, or purse; ‘rubberbanded’ to a wine bottle. Or arrange for special delivery via Fido’s collar. Give your partner time with the card so that their thoughts can simmer, percolate, and – on occasion – get steamy. Or surprise them with one in a private moment.

Remember to listen as much as (more than?) you speak. Dare to ask for details. And when it is your turn, be expressive, be raw, be adventuresome.

Blush. Whisper. Intertwine fingers. Wink. Place a tender kiss on the inside of a wrist. (You may take it from here, thank you very much . . . )

Above all else, have fun getting to know each other – again!


Yes, you can still ask about your partner’s day, by the way. But be prepared to hear something real. Because when a conversation connects you both, you might actually get an answer longer than a single syllable with slightly different and hotter implications.


At TiffinTalk, we believe that technology has a place, but that your partner and your family take first place. No pings, rings, or dings. Life is about the stories we share and the people we connect with.

We are all about eyes and ears.
The expressions.
The glance.
The touch.
The love.

Talk Together. Love Forever.

Tech Off. Talk On.
& Get Turned On.

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