Kat speaks about the power of talking with (not to) our children.

Understand why Kat developed these cards for her own kids. They refused to go a day without their card and their one-on-one time with mom.

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TiffinTalk Child & Teen

Our cards make conversations easy.


Because when you ask how their day was, kids often say, “Fine”.

Because when you ask what they did in math/music/science/any class, kids often shrug and say, “Nothing”

Because when you ask what they learned today, they say, “Dunno”

That is why TiffinTalk has a Child & Teen line of cards. Weekly themed. Meant to be personalized. Because connection and conversation go hand-in-hand and are meant to be face-to-face. Not screen-to-screen.

Used by parents, grandparents, educators, speech therapists, behavioral therapists, occupational therapists, and guidance counselors — anyone wishing to talk with a child, aged preschool through high school. Anyone wanting to have a conversation that doesn’t end in a single word or shrug. Anyone who cares enough to share the very best . . . to create moments that last a lifetime.



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I just love this. (JL, parent, New Jersey)

It is wonderfully done and the attention to detail is fabulous. (MT, mother, Singapore)

I just gave TiffinTalk to my grandkids. They are thrilled with them. (CD, doctor & grandmother, Pennsylvania)

I wish I'd had them when I was a child with my parents. (SJM, teacher, Alberta, Canada)

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