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Additional and heartfelt thanks to the following people and organizations:

Carol Block is part of the TiffinTalk family team – literally family team. But she’s not just mom and grandmama, she’s a believer. She’s seen the results of the thousands of cards and the resulting chats that her daughter, Kat, had with her granddaughters. She helps to organize, assemble and fold, fold, fold. On top of all that, she puppy sits and checks in on cats. If she would accept a company title, it would be "Rescuer" because she always comes to our rescue to do whatever needs to be done.   

Francis Shields, our former SCORE mentor and now Advisory Board member, guided us down the path of making a dream into a viable and important business, complete with formal business plans and a damnably complete P&L. There was no escaping his careful scrutiny and no amount of appreciation can be expressed in return. In Fran's words, "If you are not in pain while you are developing your startup, then you are not doing it right." Fran, I think we got it right . . . and owww!

Bronte Reidinger ruled the roost as Social Media Intern and Helper Extraordinaire. Innovative and outspoken, Bronte easily saw the potential for TiffinTalk and decided she wanted to be part of the team. She recently took a full time job (elsewhere!) and is redesigning her life as she approaches college with a skill set many would envy. But she continues to volunteer and cheer.

Rachel Kimmel holds a web design certificate from Sessions College and has completed studies in Google Master Certification with MarketMotive. She noted our first site and had the incredible chutzpah (thankfully!) to ask us "What in the world were you thinking?" but she was so subtle and polite that we realized we needed her guidance urgently and were thrilled to have her in those first makeovers; she saw what we were too close to see. She has been working in web design and marketing for over 10 years and is the owner of MICRON.492 Web Design and Marketing, LLC. Working alongside her clients at every step of the design process allows Rachel to better reflect their unique vision while helping them rise above the competition with search engine visibility. End result: beautiful design that is data driven, yet customer focused.

Marc Goodchild bore witness to those first bareboned cards at a cafe in London. He envisioned a market beyond "lunch notes" and gave us the encouragement to create a global company.

Thanks also to . . . 

. . . the many mental health professionals who reviewed not just the concept but the content and gave us the thumbs up time and time again.

. . . our families and friends who stood by us as we divided our time quite unevenly between business and family and continued to support our work with TiffinTalk. They love us and still talk with us.

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