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TiffinTalk cards offer your clients another way to make the connection, to find their voice.


Because often times your clients' emotional wounds create a disconnect, an inability to trust, a loss of the very voice that can speak to their truths.

Because your clients listen but can't hear.

Because your clients will speak but to everything and anything else as they weave and dodge with great skill and hope you won't notice what they aren't saying even as they leave disappointed that they haven't really talked – yet again . . .

That is why TiffinTalk has a FindingYourVoice line of cards. These cards come in Preteen, Teen, Young Adult, or Adult sets. Each box of 5 sets of 13 cards containing thought-provoking content for different themes such as Self-Confidence, Self-Identity, Self-Harm, Grief, Trauma, Addiction, and many other topics. See below for a list of available themes or request a specific topic to be queued for print! We are easy to contact and love talking with you!

We have been asked:

Are the cards homework? 
Answer: Does your client like homework? 

Can the cards be used in group therapy, as well? 
Answer 1: Some counselors use a card as a discussion topic and then the group decides who would most benefit from having a card signed by everyone in the group including the therapist – a takeaway that creates an emotional trust beyond the discussion.
Answer 2: Other therapists give every member of the group their own addressed and signed card and the group discussion ensues where everyone has a card to take home with them.

Are these a game?
Answer: No. TiffinTalk cards are not intended to be a game. They are cards meant to be personalized to make the connections that we so desperately need.

Not every card is for every client. Share the box with colleagues. Keep the box for your own private practice. We trust you to be creative, to be sensitive as to how and when to give a card to a client, knowing who would appreciate a card as they leave and who might need the card at the start of your session so that you can talk about it first.

Our FindingYourVoice cards have beautiful photographs on the fronts – nothing that screams "THERAPY!!" to a client or a friend of a client who spots the card. And our boxes sit on your desk in a nondescript way – nothing that screams “GRIEF” on a box of cards

So why TiffnTalk's FindingYourVoice cards?
Because helping a client to find his/her voice may be the first steps in helping them find his/her self. 
Hope. Trust. Connection. All in a signed card.


For professionals working with families, please see our Parent – Child & Teen line to help open the lines of communication when their is more texting than talking.



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. . .a way to get kids to talk.  (TG, Mental Health Professional)

I fell in love with your cards . . .  (RH, Clinical Director)

Perfect for group therapy or for individuals. (BG, Mental Health Professional)

They are beautiful. Is there anything you guys didn't think of?  (AF, Mental Health Professional)

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