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Sunday, 05 August 2018 20:52

Good Night, Meow. Featured

My armpits are lonely. My cuddle cat passed away. She died. In my arms.  She was a petite Siamese with that stubby, crooked Asian tail; whenever I pet her, my hand continued along the “cat tail arc” long after her actual tail had actually ended. What she lacked in tail, she gained in character – as if she needed any more. Her favorite place to be was wherever I was. Under my feet – as I walked (cat-danced) down the stairs. At my side – when I fell down the stairs. Talking at me as I walked in the door…
Tuesday, 06 February 2018 22:44

69 Places to . . . Featured

  on a pillow under a pillow under a sheet on a nightstand in the medicine cabinet tucked in the bathroom mirror on a toilet seat top in a pocket of pjs / robe tucked into exercise clothes in a shoe in a bagged lunch in a diaper bag in a briefcase / purse in a backpack placed against the laptop screen peeking out from under a keyboard tucked into an ipad case peeking out of that junk drawer in a coffee mug or taped to the bottom on a window sill in the fridge (under a recently purchased fav…
Thursday, 01 February 2018 22:44

Can't App This Featured

There’s no app for a signed romantic card tucked into the bathroom mirror (or left on the dashboard). No e-card can replace that. There’s no app for a rose on the pillow. (Or the cat that got to it first . . . ) There’s no app for a candlelit room. There’s no app for the wet dog nose trying to nuzzle in on your nuzzling. There’s no app for the sensation that the kids are safely sleeping or reading or playing . . .  for just a little bit longer and you know your door is locked . .…
Monday, 29 January 2018 22:44

If Cell Phones Were Honest Featured

Some phones have auto reply choices for those times when we can’t pick up the call. Mine has a choice of: I’m on my way. Can I call you later? Sorry I can’t talk right now. <custom> I, for one, would like a bigger selection including: Really? Now? Bathroom break. Honestly, you don’t want to hear this. I may call you back. I may forget. Give it a few days. But the text I really want to select will stop the caller immediately with this: I can’t talk right now. I meant to turn my phone off but I was…
Friday, 19 January 2018 22:44

Heart2Heart: Because Talk is the "New Sexy" Featured

  I want to get some! (Cards, that is.) For couples who ask each other, “How was your day?” and hear the answer, “Fine.” Far too many times . . . For couples whose together-time has become routine and monotonous . . . For couples who spend more time alone together mesmerized by their devices . . . It’s simple math: Lovers: 2.Provocative, romantic, and intimate cards: 69.  From any position, it’s a win-win.  Heart2Heart dares all those end-of-day casual, oftentimes unintentional interrogations to be actual fun, loving, affectionate conversations. Face-to-face. Eyes. Without distracting devices.Touch. Without the screen.Heart2Heart. Without missing…
Thursday, 21 December 2017 22:15

'Tis the Season . . . (YOU Are the Best Holiday Gift) Featured

  Just last week I saw Santa in Trader Joe’s. As in my Trader Joe’s in my small town. It almost makes him my Santa. Almost.You’ve probably seen him, too. He’s been in malls, on street corners, in parades. Maybe he’s visited your town, too. Your  Santa.But, how fun it was to see him shopping. With a cart. And – in teen speak – like, everything. He wasn’t in his usual Santa sitting position, greeting and waving. I am sure he was the real deal. I mean the real Santa would need to shop, right? So it’s sort of like seeing your teacher…
Sunday, 03 December 2017 18:05

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up (and Hints for My Kids) Featured

Elisabeth Stitt, parenting coach and owner of Joyful Parenting, ended a blog post with a powerful all-capped question: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? While the post was about helping our children with that question, I think her blog was secretly written for parents often silently asking that question of ourselves. Thank you, Elizabeth, for asking grown-ups what they want to be because I rethink and reevaluate this for myself frequently. With respect to our kids, what I do know is this: Often we need to remind them that their answer is allowed to change many…
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 21:52

Parenting Lies Featured

In a previous life, I was a teen. It’s hard to admit. But it’s the truth. I’ve told my daughters this. Me being a teen and all. Just like them. And typical teens that they are? . . . They refuse to believe me. As if I am lying. “When have I ever lied to you?” I ask. Then I quickly shut up, because the ice under my feet is feeling mighty thin and I definitely just heard it cracking. Does a willful act of fictional omission count as a lie – even with the best of parenting intentions? What…
Wednesday, 23 August 2017 01:04

4 (+1) Rules for the Exit of the College Kid Featured

If your summer goes by the college academic year and not by the traditional calendar, then it will come as no surprise that summer is coming to an end regardless of the actual dates. And life as you finally got used to it, at least for these past few months, is also coming to an end (again). The chaotic schedule that you just got used to dancing around? Done. The arguments over bathroom use (and cleanliness)? Done. The frustrations over whether chores were done, or rather, not done. Also done. My daughter is packing up. She’s got a spreadsheet for…
Wednesday, 31 May 2017 15:26

4 (+1) Rules for the Summer of the College Kid Featured

Enter, stage front and center*, the child-now-young adult home from college for summer break with a carload of “schtuff” to be unloaded and then repacked (with even more absolutely necessary "schtuff") in just 3 months. Oh joy. Tis the return of the prodigal son/daughter/brother/sister. Possibly in plural form. You can’t wait. No. Hold on a second . . . Yes. Yes, you can. Others – including pets – can’t wait either. Actually, they can, too. Everyone is feeling the return with growing anticipation and with rising confusion. Excitement or fear? Happiness or frustration? It’ll be a shift. An adjustment. There…
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